We take care of the air we breathe and turn it into one of the essential elements for working in healthy and comfortable environments. Our specialisation in systems for filtering and removing pollutants from production processes, both those of a solid nature, such as dust and production waste, and those of an aeriform nature such as fumes, oily mists and VOCs in general, is combined with the management of air treatment, serving both processes and the environment. Customized solutions for every need.

The technological know-how of highly specialised professionals with many years of experience in the field of air engineering and the innovative strength of a modern company operating internationally are the basis for the development and continuous growth of our company. The development of this operational approach has allowed us today to become an EPC contractor that interprets and meets all the needs of the end customer.

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When it all started


The company Aeris Technology Srl is founded.


ISO 9001:2015 certification.


Acquisition of the "Mazziniici" brand, a historic aero textile plant company.


Creation of the Aeris Group Holding company for coordination and strategic management.


Partner company Edenya Srl is founded, conceived for evaporative cooling of industrial warehouses.


IHS "induction humidification system" project co-financed by the European Economic Community as part of the Horizon 2020 project.


"Alena NW" is founded, specific plant company for the non woven and hygienic industries.


The energy efficiency of the IHS project is awarded the prestigious Green Label - Solar Impulse.


New group operating headquarters, 1000 m2 of management offices in the prestigious Eco forum in Clusone (BG).


Tauhaus is founded, building construction and energy renovation company.


Merger by incorporation of the plant engineering companies Mazziniici Srl and Alena NW into Aeris Srl.


Acquisition of the new Aeris s.r.l. logistics centre in Ciserano (BG).

The textile atmosphere

In pursuit of the atmosphere and its developments we incorporated two market leaders: Mazziniici and Alena NW.
The first company, which has been on the market for over 50 years, specialises in the aero textile sector, while the second in the non woven and hygienic sector

We are at the forefront of air treatment in these sectors, where thermal and hygrometric conditions are essential for the maximum efficiency of production processes and the environment.

Through filtration systems, fibre and dust removal integrated with air treatment systems, we allow not only the optimization of processing but also the reduction of electricity and water consumption, with rapid returns on investment.

We contribute to supporting manufacturing companies in their ecological transition, for a smart and sustainable production.

Air engineers

Engineering and organisation are at the core of our skills. One of our greatest strengths is the development of solid competence in the management of each project, whether great or small.

Aeris engineering is made up of multiple steps which are closely related and dependent on each other:

Technical and economic feasibility studies to analyse and evaluate the possible results of a system;
Planning of design and services;
Control and monitoring of the contract in progress;
Commissioning e validation.


Team spirit

We count on a team of professionals divided between management, marketing and sales, project management, purchasing, quality control and service. The team spirit between Project Managers ensures that customers needs are investigated and met, while the support team turns them into projects and customized solutions.

The common goal is to create systems that are able to guarantee measurable results and comply with the highest ISO standards. For this reason, we are flexible in all phases of work: design, procurement and construction.

And the results reward us! We are constantly growing, with an expansion of 15% every year and a strong desire to continue on this path.

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