Our journey towards a positive impact on the planet!

“A journey of a thousand miles always begins with the first step”
said Lao Tzu, a Chinese philosopher and writer.

Our goal for the year 2023 is sustainability: a key concept and the idea to build the future of the new generations.
Between global warming, waste, pollution, consumerism, we often feel powerless and believe that by acting alone nothing can change.
But we stopped and thought: if we don’t start from small actions, how we can improve the daily spread of these phenomena?

Based on this question, we decided to take a path of sustainability and circular economy, starting from the gadgets for the exhibitions to the plantation of trees around the world that we will donate to our customers.
We strongly believe that with small actions, we can really make a difference on our planet. We promised ourselves that 2023 would be a year of change for us and we started collecting ideas and work on this specific direction.

This year we will attend two international trade fairs for non woven and textile industry: Index in Geneva from 18 to 21 April and Itma in Milan from 8 to 14 June.

For these events we created special gadgets, designed to give a new life to an object that, once finished, we usually throw away.
We developed, in partnership with a Danish company, some plantable pencils that, once completely used, if placed in a jar with soil and watered, will turn into wonderful flowers.
What better seed than forget me not … since the flower that grows from it is blue as our company’s color and because we hope that with this small sign you will not forget about us.
This flower is also a symbol of loyalty… a relationships based on mutual trust is what we want to create with each of our customers, partners and suppliers.

This, for us, is a small action which, however, if you stop to think about it, can have a strong impact.

Where does every pen or pencil that reaches the end of its life end up?

We usually throw it away and then, to dispose the pencil, it will be incinerated. Combustion increasing the amount of gases that heat the planet and contribute to the climate change; a one-way journey towards the negative impact on the climate.

So why not give them a new life?

Discover also the sustainable gift that we will offer to our customers for 2023: https://www.aerisepc.it/en/2023/03/04/piantiamo-un-albero-per-ogni-nostro-cliente/

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