We plant a tree for each of our customers!

An initiative that we undertook is closely related to our primary goal and greatest passion: ensure clean air and comfortable environment for people who live it.

During 2023 we decided, in partnership with an Italian company, to plant a tree for each customer who decides to adopt our technologies.

Our partner is involved in planting trees in 18 countries around the world allowing those who buy them to make sustainable gifts; they will be planted in agroforestry projects promoting the virtuous interaction between different species and a sustainable use of resources and land.

Each given tree will be taken care of, by local farmers at every moment of its growth and will be photographed and geo-located… who receives the gift, can track every development.

Rural communities involved in plantations receive training and financial support by taking care of the trees and enjoying their fruits. Each type of tree will be planted in different parts of the planet in respect of the different species and biodiversity.

We operate in over 50 countries around the world and we love to think that near each of our installations there may be a tree planted for each customer.

Trees, with their natural characteristics, are good for the environment: they absorb CO2, emit oxygen, promote biodiversity and reforestation and contrast  soil erosion.
Aeris, with these actions, wants to contribute to positive impact on the planet.

Our certification for planting trees with Treedom.

Discover also our sustainable gadgets: https://www.aerisepc.it/en/2023/03/05/our-journey-towards-a-positive-impact-on-the-planet/

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