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Thermal stress: prevention and safety in your work environment. 

Already in the summer of 2022 we noticed how the heat has actually become critical and the forecasts for this 2023, unfortunately, are not better; the idea of an increase in intensity and duration of heat waves is, in fact, widely shared.

Precisely in view of this scenario, Inps and Inail have released new provisions regarding the climate to be maintained in the working areas.

Extreme climatic phenomena have recently been linked to an increased risk of occupational accidents: due to illness, reduced ability to respond to stimuli and dangers, increased inattention and deconcentration, and, the risk of accidents.
Do not let the thermometer exceed 35 ºC in accordance with current regulations: it is estimated that temperatures below and above the threshold have a role for about 5,200 work accidents per year.

These standards consider not only the actual temperatures detected by the bulletins, but also the perceived temperatures, generally higher than the real ones due to other factors such as humidity.

Clearly, companies that do not offer a healthy climate to their workers also suffer from decreased productivity.

How can you comply with Inail’s current health and safety regulations? 
We have some tips for you!

The most effective solution to obtain a healthy and comfortable climate in your working environment is the installation of PLANTS, used to control indoor climatic conditions.
In particular, Aeris plants are used to control the thermo-hygrometric conditions of working environments, to ensure adequate air exchange and to reduce the concentrations of airborne dust and other particles.

What are you waiting for? Secure your work environment!
Ask for a free inspection and get an ideal climate, in accordance, healthy and comfortable!

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