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Engineering and tailor-made solutions in the air treatment, heating, air conditioning and filtration sector for the Aeris Group, which at Mecspe presented AERIS systems and EDENYA solutions for the industrial sector and a factory on a human scale.

The world of industry is going through an unprecedented phase and needs to understand what may be the new economic, technological and productive horizons, such as the most suitable strategies and measures for the future. Centrality of human resources, in-depth knowledge of technology, conscious use of new tools, comfortable industrial environments that promote productivity and quality of work: these are some of the essential points of the era called Industry 4.0 – says Eros Nani, CEO of Aeris Group – This is why we chose to participate in the 2021 edition of Mecspe, with a view to restart and to offer visitors the opportunity to know our concept of factory on a human scale, in which the correct design of cooling and heating systems, air filtration and pollutant abatement plays a fundamental role, especially in large buildings. A well-designed plant does not just solve the obvious problems, but actually improves production activities because it promotes the well-being of people and the working environment.”

Aeris and Edenya, two companies of the Aeris Group, came together at the event to present 360 degrees all the solutions we offer.
Aeris specializes in filtration and abatement systems of pollutants generated by solid production processes, such as dust and production waste and aeriform, such as fumes and aerosols, AERIS, in addition to filtration systems for industrial environments, is the ideal interlocutor for the problems of conditioning production environments.

Edenya deals instead with specific environments where it is necessary to find the correct measure of balance between the well-being of workers, production needs, budget availability and ecological-instancesby offering direct infrared radiation systems for the localized heating of confined areas and the cooling of all those areas that reach temperatures often unbearable for workers and machinery, but where a traditional air conditioning system is uneconomical.

The EDENYA cooling units are eco-friendly, easy and quick to install, they integrate perfectly with any extraction and air filtration systems present, representing the best alternative to traditional air conditioning.
All Aeris Group solutions can be integrated into the IT and production systems, in accordance with the dictates of Industry 4.0 and the highest technological levels available on the market today.

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