Aeris Srl – BETI’S partner

AERIS Srl is BETI’S partner for the realization of the new air treatment systems for rewinding and twisting dept in Metlika, Slovenia.

Beti is the leading European producer of functional and sustainable dyed yarns – offering the widest range of sustainable yarns: 100% recycled, biobased and biodegredable. BETI managed to combine years of experience and tradition with innovation, thus improving the quality of the products and production processes in a way to be GREEN. LEAN. INNOVATIVE. The protection of the environment being one of the biggest concerns, created sustainable and user-friendly products based on Beti’s DyeCare dyeing technology.

Since years BETI is taking great care to find sustainable solutions to reduce CO2 emissions, energy and water consumption, and we are proud to have been chosen as partner in this project.

BETI selected the air treatment with our latest technology available in the market with IHS® Humidification system, which allows to obtain great advantages:

  • 0% of wasted water thanks to IHS ® humidification system;
  • Homogeneous conditions all among the line from ground to floor thanks to the specific inductive effects of
  • IHS ® humidification system;
  • Minimum energy consumption related only to the real needs of the department;
  • Exact and real-time accounting of energy consumption, thermal fluids and humidification water;
  • Remote monitoring from any PC;
  • Free remote control by the Aeris Group technical service;
  • Compliance with VDI 6022 ensuring that the treated air does not contain pathogenic spores or dangerous substances, with a better indoor climate and optimal well-being and performance;

Investments in sustainable solution are crucial for driving positive change towards a more environmentally and socially responsible future.

Thank you for choosing us!

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